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Drissi Attraction Marketing specializes in its core business for more than 10 years: The Sales Force through web marketing combined with a market penetration strategy guaranteeing a real return on investment thanks to powerful analysis tools and a report simplified and precise.
The solution comes down to three simple but crucial steps:
1. Analyze and advise on brand image and definition of sales objectives.
2. Creation of an e-marketing strategy with measurement of the cost of customer acquisition.
3. Optimization and support in the execution of your strategy.

1- Consulting:

Includes the marketing diagnosis of your product or service that allows for strategic planning: our strategists will accompany you through a specific program tailored to your needs.

2- e-marketing:


Includes the definition and creation of the brand image in perfect harmony with your target. Whether you are starting a project or wanting to attack other niches, you are in the right place! Our attraction experts will turn your product or service into a successful magnet with proven expertise from numerous mandates for companies like yours.

3- Accompaniment:

We do not just create a strategy and e-marketing tools, we accompany you to their execution so you can take control of your business and maximize your success.

Web development

What does it mean to be present on the web?

a) Having a website
b) Having accounts in social media
c) Have video content
d) the 3

The good question is: What can bring real added value to your customers?

a) Having a website is fine, but is it up to date, meet the requirements of the web and current trends and security? ⇒ Given the current circumstances, several companies realize the importance of being able to manage their activities remotely. Can you operate remotely? do you have control over your data and over your marketing and sales force? the survival of your business depends on it!

Do you have an idea for a mobile application to help your customers and generate profit?

Have you secured your data?

The data of your customers are they organized with a C.R.M. Customer relationship management?

b) Being present in social media is important yes, but which media and why? having an account is important to keep your trademark but what do you share as content and how often and especially for what reason? Do you present your products and services or address your customers by focusing on their reality and their needs?

c) The video marketing is the most engaging element online, do you publish one or more video online? what is highlighted? your product, your services or your customers? It is important to establish a strategy and especially to define the famous “why” the reason for being of each content and its value in relation to your customers.


Sam Drissi

Founding President
My 10 years of media and web experience have allowed me to perfect the strategies adapted to market penetration and attraction in the service or luxury products.

Lucas Manso

Associate Vice President
As a passionate social media expert, I followed small and medium-sized businesses as they grew into the digital world. The attraction of your professional image will be my priority.

Stephanie Davin

Strategic Director
Passionate about art and design my mission and define the brand image and art direction according to the attraction strategy.

Julie Manso

SEO / SMO and RSI Specialist
My mission is to analyze and develop the visibility of the websites in relation to the requirements of the search engines the report Return on Investment which follows the strategy